Speaker Ryan: Overregulation is having a “Chilling Effect on Growth”

By: Nick Johns

The U.S. GDP grew just 0.5% in Q1 2016. With one year left in President Obama’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief during which the U.S. has experienced a 1.55 percent annualized average of RGDP growth, he may become the first President to never have a year of 3% GDP growth.

Speaker Ryan’s new plan, Confident America, intends to boost economic growth and social mobility for the United States through a range of policy fixes. In a recent weekly briefing, Speaker Ryan mentioned two issues which are important to franchisees: overtime and joint employer.

Stepping Up For The Franchise Owner

By: Kevin Tennant

FAIRBANKS — A broken windshield right here in Alaska is responsible for launching my American Dream. Today, 4,000 miles away, a controversial new regulation created by Washington, D.C., bureaucrats threatens to destroy it.

Franchise Owners Fight Joint Employer Across the U.S.

By Michael Layman

In American history, no U.S. president who served a full term has left office without presiding over at least one year that met or exceeded 3.0 percent real gross domestic product (real GDP) growth. With one year left in President Obama’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief during which the U.S. has experienced a 1.55 percent annualized average of RGDP growth, he may become the first.

McDonald's Labor Case Threatens Texas Franchise Owners

By: David Hendricks
San Antonio-Express News

Matthew West can feel an ax hanging over the two San Antonio franchises he co-owns with his father.

California Franchising Day

By: Sandy Willis, Molly Maid Franchisee of Southern Silicon Valley

Last Tuesday, I drove to Sacramento from Silicon Valley to talk with California legislators about issues facing my local franchise small business. As a Molly Maid franchisee based in Southern Silicon Valley, I have a lot of pride in both my business and in franchising overall as a business model, especially since the franchise industry employs over 900,000 people in California alone.

Why I Met With My Senator In-state And Why You Should Too!

By Barbara Craigie, FASTSIGNS® Franchisee of Lewiston, ID and FAN

As a franchise small business owner, I’ve been very concerned about a number of rules and regulations coming out of the federal government. So last week, I was glad I had the chance to speak my mind while attending a town hall meeting hosted by Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID).

Companies View Houston as Hot Franchisee Market

By Mike D. Smith
Houston Chronicle

Updated 10:13 pm 02/12/16

Even with the specter of low crude oil prices dragging on Houston's economy through 2016 and possibly beyond, businesses far and wide still see plenty of opportunity here.

Dwyer-inspired VetFran Continues to Help Transitioning Veterans

Founded in 1991 by Don Dwyer Sr., IFA's VetFran was created to provide access and opportunities in franchising to our nations veterans and their spouses. Don, who was founder of the The Dwyer Group, started the initiative as a way to say "thank you" to our veterans returning from the first Gulf War. Since its inception, the initiative has grown to a network of over 650 franchise brands that voluntarily offer financial discounts, mentorship, and training for aspiring veteran franchisees and veterans seeking employment.

Indiana Legislature Pushes Back Against Federal Government Attacks on Franchising

The Indiana House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation providing clarity to the small business community, codifying that a franchisor is not considered to be an employer of a franchisee or a franchisee's employees.

Indiana House Bill 1218 passed out of the House Employment, Labor & Pensions Committee unanimously last week, 11-0. On February 1, the full Indiana House took up the measure where it passed with bipartisan support, 93-0. House Bill 1218 will next head to the Senate and will be scheduled for a hearing.

Franchise Industry Poised for Growth in 2016 Despite Regulatory Threats

For the sixth consecutive year, the franchise industry is expected to outpace non-franchise business growth in 2016, according to the Franchise Business Outlook: 2016 released this week by the International Franchise Association.